瑞典皇家理工大学Erik Aurell教授学术报告:Statistical genetics in and out of quasi-linkage equilibrium
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  报告题目:Statistical genetics in and out of quasi-linkage equilibrium

  报告人:Erik Aurell教授





  This talk is about statistical genetics, an interdisciplinary topic between statisticaphysics and population biology. The focus is on the phase of quasi-linkage equilibrium(OLE). Our goals here are to clarify under which conditions the OLE phase can beexpected to hold in population biology and how the stability of the OlE phase is lostThe OLE state.which has many similaritiesthermal equilibrium state intoastatistical mechanics, was discovered by Kimura for a two-locus two-allele model. andwas extended and generalized to the global genome scale by Nether and Shraiman(2011). What we will refer to as the Kimura-Neher-Shraiman theory describes apopulation evolving due to the mutations. recombination, natural selection andpossibly genetic drift.A OLE phase exists at suffciently high recombination rate andor mutation rates with respect to selection strength.We showhowin OLEitispossible to infer the epistatic parameters of the fitness function from the knowledge ofthe (dynamical) distribution of genotypes in a population. We further consider thebreakdown of the OLE regime for high enough selection strength. We review recentresults for the selection-mutation and selection-recombination dynamics. Finally. weidentify and characterize a new phase which we call the non-random coexistencewhere variability persists in the population without either fixating or disappearing.


  Erik Aurell教授,1989年博士毕业于瑞典哥德堡大学理论物理专业,随后分别在法国巴黎理论物理研究所、美国康内尔大学、瑞典斯德哥尔摩大学、北欧物理研究所等机构担任研究员,从事非线性科学、随机组合优化、非平衡统计物理、生物信息学等诸多方向的研究。2003年起,担任瑞典皇家理工大学生物物理系Chair教授,同时任芬兰杰出教授(瑞典皇家理工大学-芬兰阿尔托大学联合教授),中国科学院客座教授等。目前,Aurell教授发表专业论文近300篇,其中多篇发表于PRL、PNAS等具有重要国际影响的学术期刊上,是国际统计物理学界的知名学者。近年来,Aurell教授发展了统计物理反问题的相关研究方法和理论,并成功应用于基因序列共演化等实际体系,取得了很有意义的成果。

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